$29.00 USD


1.All precision drill bits are made of CR-V steel,  and it is anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. The tip is tough, durable and not easy to fall off, ensuring long-lasting use. Each bit is engraved with a part number and size for quick identification.

2.This screwdriver bit set also gives you a copy of the bits you use the most in case you lose them.

3.Ergonomic aluminum alloy handle, built-in magnet in the handle head, actively absorbs the trigger bit, and the ultra-smooth rotating cap allows you to apply constant pressure during the rotation.

4.Magnetization and degaussing tools can adjust the magnetism of the drill bit, strong magnetism is used to clamp screws, and weak magnetism is used to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Flexible shaft helps to reach tight places. Various accessories in the kit make your repair work easier and more efficient.

5.Precise structure New storage box design with a capacity of 128 pieces, the size is suitable for carrying with one hand, each set is also equipped with a beautiful cloth bag, which can be put into a trouser pocket for easy storage.

Apply to:

1.Great for DIY electronics repairs.

2.Computer assembly.

3.Laptop upgrade.

4.Mobile screen replacement.