$5.30 USD


1.Made with ingenuity, soft paste - easy to apply · No odor · Antioxidant.

2.One touch welding, make the welding stable and strong - less smoke, reduce the surface tension of the material, help solder infiltration welding

3.Low corrosion, prevent circuit board damage - little residue - no corrosion problems after welding - Prevent IC and PCB damage problems.

4.Fast cleaning, so that the wettability can be significantly improved - climbing tin fast · easy to weld · prevent oxidation · make soldering easier.

5.Containing rosin, no obstruction no wash solder resistance paste - oxidation resistance · High insulation impedance · Safe no conductivity.

6.Aluminum box metal packaging - metal packaging - easy to destroy, easy to carry - the iron will not burn the shell when used.

7.The solder paste works well - its boiling point is only slightly higher than the melting point of solder.

8.Remove Contact Mask Oxide film - Easy to weld · Prevent oxidation.

Apply to:

  Suitable for: sensor, wire, motor, fuse, connector, metal shell, lighting electronic components, SMT maintenance, BGA chip planting ball, etc.