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1.Multi-angle folding, 360° rotation and expansion, need to screw into the table, fixed can save space.

2.The objective lens is made of high definition lens and copper material, which has been treated with mold protection.

3.High-definition optical objective lens, long look not dizzy, optical technology, high-definition coating objective lens, high-definition lens layer interlocking, presenting high-definition vision.

4.Fine-tuning the focal length to make the image sharper.

5.0.7-5 times adjustment, sustainable zoom, zoom in and out of the picture, more clear details.

6.The support can be rotated freely to expand the operating range and save space.

7.Need to screw into the table, can make the support overall more stable and not tilt, fixed can save space.

8.Made of precision material, durable, anti-corrosion, more assured operation.


Product volume weight:10 kg

1.Folding swing arm *1

2.Horizontal column *1

3.Frame link short column *1

4.Base *1

5.Limit seat *1

6.Knob *2

7.Small screw *3+ small iron ring *3