$52.00 USD


1.The KAISI Microscope HD Camera provides crisp and clear images with its high-quality, high-resolution lens. The device is ideal for magnifying and observing delicate elements with precision and clarity.

2.Look deeper into the world of macro with KAISI Microscope HD Camera. With 1/3” CMOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology, you'll get crystal clear images with incredibly accurate color reproduction. Explore a whole new world with KAISI.

3.KAISI Microscope HD Camera offers superior picture quality for all your microscope imaging. Using industrial CMOS camera technology, it effortlessly outputs real-time imaging to microscopes, HD monitors, projectors or TVs. Skip the extra steps and get your high-quality images faster.

4.The KAISI Microscope HD Camera offers precise scientific observation with its built-in digital reticle and color control. With these features, you can easily and accurately analyze objects you're studying. Enjoy sharp and brilliant imagery of even the most minute details.

5.Enhance your microscopic observations with the KAISI Microscope HD Camera providing VGA and HD-mi video output in stunning high-definition resolution. The dual output ports make it easy to connect to a monitor or projector and share your findings with others.