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New mobile phone repair microscope.

KAISI tx - 350 s

3.The bottom plate is equipped with heat-resistant silicone work pads.

4.Powerful microscope pocket fan.

5.10X23 Wide Field of View Wide field of view eye mask.

6.The eye is closest to the shape of the blindfold.

7.Light heavyweight Dt-V shut down the power grid.

8.Touch the light source.

9.0.4CTV camera adapter.

10.New zoom positioning feature.


Product volume weight:7.5 kg

Brand: KAISI

Model: TX-350s

Principle: triocular stereo microscope

Standard magnification:

7X-50X/3.5-100X/7-200X/4.9-50X/3.5-200X/3.5-50X/2.1-50X (same continuous focus zoom)


Mobile electronic maintenance


Welding/motherboard CPU PCB repair