$188.00 USD


1.Kaisi's TX-50E Ver 1.2 7-50X Microscope provides crystal-clear and three-dimensional upright images with a wide field of view. The standard working distance of 115mm creates plenty of space for your application.

2.The KAISI TX-50E Ver 1.2 7-50X Microscope features a dual-head design which can tilt up to 45° and also rotate up to 360°, while the pupil distance is adjustable between 54 and 75mm.  The observation head tilted 45° and with both tubes for diopter adjustment.

3.Observe with precision using the KAISI TX-50E Ver 1.2 7-50X Microscope. Its 10x wide-field ocular lens with 23mm field of view is designed for flat, high-point viewing for increased accuracy in searching and observing.

4.The KAISI TX-50E Ver 1.2 7-50X Microscope features a human engineering design and a dual-directional horizontal (axial) gear knob, providing precision operation with high repeatability.

5.The KAISI TX-50E Ver 1.2 7-50X Microscope boasts an optimized viewing height for enhanced clarity of images, ensuring the best viewing experience for users of all sight levels.


Product volume weight:7.5 kg

Mirror body: 360 degrees can be rotated 45 degrees to tilt the eyes


Zoom ratio position: 0.7-5x

Magnification: 7x-50x

Working distance: 115mm

Installation diameter: 76mm

Adjustable eyepiece: standard WF10X23, high-angle wide-angle eyepiece, convenient for observation with glasses