$101.00 USD


1.Temperature power display and heating percentage display.

2.Handle The bracket can be adjusted up and down by 45° to meet more needs.

3.The copper wire brush is currently the best tool for cleaning and repairing the tip of the soldering iron.

4. The temperature control of the program chip is different from the traditional AC voltage temperature control, and the temperature rise is fast and accurate.

5. Automatic sleep function, the handle is placed on the bracket, immediately enters the sleep state, and heats up immediately when lifted.

6. The temperature compensation function automatically compensates the temperature of the soldering tip during the soldering process, so that the soldering tip is always kept at the set temperature.

7. Mechanical short circuit protection function, when the machine is short-circuited, automatically stop running to protect the machine.

8. 4 groups of standby temperature (0, 150, 180, 200 °C), standby temperature can be adjusted according to needs.

9. Keylock, Celsius and Fahrenstein conversion, buzzer and other functions.


  Product volume weight:2.5 kg

  Power: 120W (max)

  Input voltage: universal AC 220V/AC 110V

  Frequency: 50-60Hz

  Temperature range: 100°C-450°C/212°F-842°F

  Product description: 24*21*17.7cm


 Sugon T21 is suitable for 210/115/245/470 tips