$22.99 USD


1.The HTM 202 Black Silicone Soldering Mat is your perfect assistant for repair work. This mat offers a heat-resistant design and comes with an integrated ruler (0-15 Inches/0-15 cm) to make your job easy. Plus, with two magnetized parts areas, 128 screw positions, and multiple grooves for sorting IC chips and small parts, you'll work faster and smarter.

2.The HTM 202 Black Silicone Soldering Mat provides a moderate magnetic strength with a magnetic area for components. Its weak magnetism won't fix screws, and its stronger magnetism won't interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

3.The HTM 202 Black Silicone Soldering Mat is designed for extreme heat , providing reliable protection for your work surfaces against damage and burns. Perfect for any soldering job.

4.The HTM 202 Black Silicone Soldering Mat is made from high-quality silicone for superior corrosion and deformation resistance. Its soft yet durable texture features a slip-resistant surface and back for maximum stability while soldering.

Apply to:

   It suitable for use with components such as smartphones, laptops, computers, sports watches, cameras, smart toys, and eyeglasses.