$169.00 USD


1.Precision integrated welding table, dual station design, compatible with 115/210/245/470 heating core, can be used as soon as you pick up.

2.3.6 Set the standby temperature (0,150,180,200,250,280) to ensure that it can be used when picking up the soldering iron.

3.T245 handle can be compatible with C470 series heating core, suitable for large solder joints and large tin quantity welding, improve the suitability of the whole machine.

4. High-power design, 350W fast heating.

5.Two stations each have 3 groups of memory temperature, short press one second to read, long press three seconds to store.

6.Celsius/Fahrenheit (°C/F) conversion, temperature compensation function, key lock/on, buzzer on/off.

7.Heating core three cleaning,high temperature cotton, copper brush, copper wire ball fast and effective.

8.The handle bracket can be adjusted up and down 45° to meet the needs of more working positions.

9.Dual stations can be used simultaneously or closed independently.


Power: 350W (MAX)
Input voltage: AC 110-220V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Temperature range: 100℃-450℃/212℉-842℉