$79.00 USD


1.High-efficiency welding 760W high-power - high-definition full-screen digital display, real-time display of temperature and air volume, more convenient to use.

2.Fast temperature, storage call - the wind gun and soldering iron each have 3 memory quick adjustment buttons, convenient and fast, avoid frequent setting, efficient and energy saving.

3. Rapid heating, uniform air output - flame retardant material, high temperature resistance and good heat insulation.

4.High quality electric soldering iron - high quality ceramic heating core, efficient heating solder smooth, long life, anti-static design high temperature anti-burn silicone handle line.

5.Smart sleep - wind gun: Use magnetic switch control, put the handle on the handle rack, immediately enter the sleep state.

6.Different air outlet mode - the wind gun is equipped with 4 wind nozzle, respectively, 2 rotating wind, 2 direct wind nozzle, you can switch the wind outlet mode by switching the wind gun nozzle.


Product volume weight :5.5 kg