$158.00 USD

Main Feature:

New Upgrade - Pluggable handle

1.High power.

2.The temperature rises fast.

3.Constant temperature digital display.

4.Efficient heat accumulation.

5.Precise control.

Detailed Feature:

1.4 seconds rapid heating · Improve efficiency - High power, large air volume, faster and more accurate heating, higher working efficiency.

2. Dual mode switch - It is not a rotary wind gun, nor a straight wind gun, it can be changed at any time, dual mode switch, one equals two.

3. Brushless vortex, smooth airflow - smooth start, quiet sound without harsh noise, brushless vortex, long service life.

4.High air volume gun - uniform temperature, large air output.

5.Fast cooling · Short waiting time - Wait 15~20 seconds to enter the hibernation state.

6.Support large fan - faster heat dissipation, large fan support, more adequate air volume.

7.4 temperature memory storage channels - custom memory storage, can quickly select a variety of stored values, select a certain gear, pick up the handle can be used, no need to adjust the value.


Product volume weight:8 kg

Product model: SUGON-8610DXpro

Power: 1000W

Power supply: 220V 50Hz/60Hz

Temperature range: 100-500℃

Air volume gear: 1-120