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After receiving the A9 soldering station, when using a new soldering iron tip for the first time, insert the new soldering iron tip and heat it for 5 minutes, which can effectively improve the temperature stability of the soldering iron tip.


The standard is KAISI210 three soldering tips: i*1 k*1 is*1


1.Preset 4 sets of standby temperature (0,150,180,200), "0" is closed, and it can be used when it is lifted.

2.Software program control, hang up instantly.

3.Powerful function, with 3 groups of preset memory temperature, short press for one second to read, long press for three seconds to store.

4.Celsius/Fahrenheit (C/F) conversion

5.Temperature compensation function,the temperature of the soldering iron tip is automatically compensated during the welding process, so that the soldering iron tip is always kept at the set temperature.

6.Key lock/open,Buzzer on/off.

7.Intelligent temperature control - through high-end precision PID program, the actual temperature can be monitored and corrected at high speed, fast temperature compensation, and provide the accuracy required by your project.

 So how to choose the soldering station configuration according to your actual work scope?

1. For processing ultra-fine circuits under the microscope, such as repairing multi-layer circuit boards, complex flying leads, etc., 115 heating core and handle can be selected, the cutter head handles small solder joints, and the pointed tip handles tiny solder joints.

2. Repair mobile phones, car remote controls, precision small electrical appliances, cables, etc., choose 210 heating core and handle, IC socket and other small and medium solder joints, small flying wires and small pointed solder joints.

3. For home appliance maintenance, mobile phone maintenance, and computer motherboards, choose high-power 245 heating cores and handles, large solder joints with cutter heads, and small solder joints with pointed tips. The advantage of 245 is to take into account the solder joint size, high power (120W MAX), However, due to the large size of the soldering iron tip, it is not easy to handle tiny solder joints. To sum up: 115 for small solder joints, 210 for small solder joints, and 245 for large and small solder joints.