$19.00 USD


1. Compared with ordinary blades, special steel blades have higher hardness and toughness, and higher maintenance efficiency.

2.The grinding process of the cutter head is ten times that of ordinary blades on the market.

3.There are so many types of blades that you only need one set for most scenarios.

4.The inclined knife design is ergonomic, more convenient to operate, and non-slip.

5.All special technology, more resistant to oxidation and longer service life than the same type of tools.

6.The included matte paper allows you to polish the blade after long use and use it as soon as possible.

Apply to:

1. UV glue cleaning tool and curved spatula to remove motherboard sealant.

2. Mobile phone maintenance BGA scraping solder paste and UV glue cleaning tools.

3. Remove the sealing glue of the mobile phone motherboard and clean the prying tools and other bending knives.


 Q:Will the blade be unrepairable after being interted at an exaggerated angle and bent out?

A:Of course not,the blades of special steels have excellent toughness.

Q:What happens when a normal warping blade collides with a blade of special steel?

A:The Cocking knife of 310 special steel crushes the ordinary Cocking knife in hardness.