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1.Provides clear stereoscopic upright images within a wide field of view. The standard working distance is 110mm, which has more space for use.

2.45 tilt and 360 can rotate the binocular head, the observation head tilt 45 °, the interpupillary distance is between 54-75mm, the diopter is adjusted in two tubes, easy to operate, and there is no fatigue when used for a long time.

3.Wide field of view high eyepiece WF10X/22mm 10X large field of view eyepiece, field of view 22mm, flat and high eye point design, more suitable for search and observation.

4.Ergonomic design, horizontal (axial) bilateral setting of the gearshift handwheel for high repeatability.

5.Zoom rate position: 0.7-5x
  Magnification: 7x-50x
  Working distance: 110mm
  Installation diameter: 76mm


Product volume weight:7 kg

Brand Name:Kaisi

Model Number:37050 Head

Principle: Trinocular Stereo Microscope

Standard Magnification:

7X-50X/3.5-100X/7-200X/4.9-50X/3.5-200X/3.5-50X/2.1-50X (Simul Focal Continuous Zoom)

Application:Mobile Phone Electronic Repair.

Function::Soldering/motherboard CPU PCB Repair.