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1.The KAISI 6565 Microscope offers 0.65-6.5 Zoom Magnification with optional eyepieces and auxiliary lenses available, allowing users to extend magnification up to 2x-260x. 

2.The KAISI 6565 Microscope is the perfect tool for simultaneous observation and digital imaging. Its three-eye synchronous imaging allows you to observe and image without switching light paths, while its connection to a larger screen makes teaching and displaying images more intuitive and clear.

3.The KAISI 6565 Microscope offers crystal clear images and a vivid color palette due to its high-clarity lenses coated with special thin films. It features a comfortable and easy operation and offers a wide depth of field, making it perfect for long-distance viewing. With this microscope, you'll get a sharp and crisp image from any angle.

4.The KAISI 6565 Microscope offers an extended working distance of 30-287mm, with a standard working distance of 110mm. An auxiliary objective lens is also available for increased resolution. Benefit from precision details and extended reach with this powerful microscope.


Spec. of eyepiece: WF10X/22

Objective magnification: 6.5X-65X continuous magnification

Standard working distance: 110mm

Field of view: 4.3mm-31.4mm

Pupil distance adjustment range: 54mm-76mm

Focus adjustment range: 49mm