$9.90 USD


1.936 universal soldering iron tip - smooth soldering, fast heat conduction, anti-oxidation, long life.

2.High-quality materials and craftsmanship - multi-layer electroplating, oxidation resistance and longer life.

3.Quality and details - The surface is treated with multi-layer electroplating to ensure service life, and the color is bright and textured.

4.Knife edge technology, soldering iron knife edge-after special treatment, the pre-tinning effect is good, the tin removal is smooth, and the oxidation removal performance is strong.

5.Cutting-edge technology, soldering iron tip-tip tin plating, tin is easy to apply and effectively removes oxidation during soldering.

6.Material technology, soldering iron material - using ingenious oxygen-free red copper base material, anti-corrosion and effectively prevent oxidation.

Be suitable for:

900 series soldering iron tips:
Suitable for 936, 937, 938, 969, 852, 952 and other soldering iron soldering stations.