$18.00 USD


1.Multiple ports - Added multiple power cable ports.

2. Trickle charging - The activation plate adopts trickle charging mode, tiny pulse current charging, to ensure that the battery is truly saturated, prolong the battery service time.

3.Original battery holder.

4.Battery activation with one key.

5.Intelligent recognition of positive and negative poles.

6.High current load protection.

7.Battery short circuit protection.

8.Charging status prompt.

9.Voltage ammeter function.

10.Full automatic power off.

11. Fully support all kinds of mobile phones:

Detailed function introduction:

First, do not connect the power supply, the battery to be charged is locked on the activation board, the following three situations will occur:

1.If all indicators on the activation board are off, the battery voltage is lower than 2.5V (The activation board starts to work only when the input is higher than 2.5V).

2.If the short circuit indicator is on, the battery is short circuit.

3.The power indicator of the activation board lights up, and the digital meter on the right shows the voltage number (the voltage is the current battery voltage).