$68.00 USD

Main Feature:

1.High quality material

2.It is made by fine workmanship.

3.CPU control.

4.LED digital display.

5.Big air pump big suction.

6.High power heating up fast.

Detailed Feature:

1.Intelligent constant temperature, vacuum separation - new cpu temperature control, LED real-time digital display.

2.Rapid temperature rise.

3.High precision balance slider, no damage to the LCD screen - easy for beginners to find the cutting line positioning, smooth position.

4.Double fuse, rear side heat sink hole - thick fuse, automatic fire prevention more reliable and safer.5.Super large air pump, super suction - vacuum air pump, suction stronger, easier separation.6.High quality, strong and practical - every little point of quality.

Apply to:

1. Preheat the metal mold core

2. Circuit preheating and disassembling

3. Solder LED lamp bead on tin substrate

4. Laboratory reagent heating

5. Remove the screen and frame of the phone

6.BGA planting


1. Turn on the power switch, place the silicone sheet, and set the temperature.

2. When the temperature reaches, open the air pump switch.

3. Place the screen on the heating plate. (Note: all holes of the heating plate should be covered to prevent air leakage leading to insufficient suction of the air pump)

4. After the screen is heated for a short period of time, the screen is separated. (Use special diamond wire, do the left and right cutting motion, the speed is not too fast)

5. After the screen and cover plate are separated successfully, use the glue removal solution to clean the residual glue on the screen.

6. Cleansed screens look as clean as new.



Product model: KS-948C
Constant temperature accurate temperature: +1℃ -- -1℃
Mode: Built-in vacuum pump
Temperature control range: 25-130℃
Product power: 140W
Temperature display: LED digital display
Heating body power: 500W
Temperature control: Rotate button
Input voltage: 110V-220V
Dimension: 330*255*230mm
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz