$91.00 USD


1. Sensors, closed circuit, the zero passage trigger temperature control of the microcomputer, LED display, big power, heating is rapid, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by the air volume, truly lead-free desoldering.

2. Adjustable air flow, air volume big and soft wind, temperature control is convenient, can be suitable for a variety of purposes.

3.The handle is equipped with induction switch, as long as the hand shake hands handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; Handle is released into the handle frame, the system will enter the standby mode, easy to operate in real time.

4.The system is equipped with automatic air cooling function, can prolong the life of heating element and protect the heat gun.

5.Adopts brushless fan very long life, small noise, using high quality heating element under the same power efficiency can be doubled, and can effectively prolong the working life of the heating element and power saving.

6.The machine is equipped with safety protection function.

7.Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion.

8.Calibration temperature function.


  Product volume weight:5 kg

  Model: SUGON 2020D

  Category: LED microcomputer digital display

  Power consumption: 700 w

  Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind

  Gas flow rate: 100 litres/minute.

  Temperature control range: 100 ° C - 500 ° C / 212℉-932℉

  Display form: LED digital (resolution 1 ° C)

  Handle component length: 120 cm

  Noise: less than 45 db